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"... the Fiorentino anchor exceeded the design limits by 200%-240% above the rated loads they were designed to hold and under very difficult test...Normally this surveyor does not endorse products, however, after witnessing the performance of these anchors I have no
hesitation in endorsing these anchors..."
 Thomas Bell, Marine Surveyor
All Fiorentino anchors undergo a rigorous testing and quality control process. This includes both land and sea performance testing to produce the most powerful parachute sea anchors on the market today. Exceeding parachute industry standards, Fiorentino anchors pass all commercial and cruising boat requirements in heavy weather. We use  tugboats in tensile strength tests, which means we're putting far more strain on our anchors than a storm ever could. Certification of Fiorentino anchor's durability is conducted through rigorous tensile and pull tests. U.S. Government requirement 46 CFR and 29 CFR are met.

Offshore & Land Tests

n on-the-water testing, we use electronic and conventional measuring devices to record drift ratio, yawing, wave resistance, and parachute sea anchor endurance. Actual "real-life" use of para-anchors on the water during a variety of weather conditions provides us with critical data needed to properly size Fiorentino anchors to all sizes and types of boats. We conduct our land tests at an advanced testing facility that holds accreditation from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Break strengths must be pinpointed with accuracy due to the high level of water force placed on Fiorentino anchors. We use a variety of extremely sensitive load cells coupled with a calibrated aerospace read-out system to pinpoint the actual breaking point of materials to within 1% in all Fiorentino anchor land tests. Measurements provide actual tensile strengths of rope, canopies, seams, stitching, and stainless steel hardware.

Fiorentino Technical Reports, Manual & Comparisons 

Fiorentiono Tech Report FPA-124:
Technical Report FPA-124 offers a compilation of drag tests by Fiorentino's research team detailing the amount of force placed on spectra flat rope and nylon deployment rode. Several different boat designs using various brands of storm drogues were used for comparison purpose. You can now view this report online at Fiorentino for free. Report written by Zack Smith. Hard copy available by contacting info@para-anchor.com  Price: $79

Fiorentiono Tech Report FPA-152:  (ITAR approved)   
Technical Report FPA-152 offers data on the tensile load strengths and drag characteristics
of a Fiorentino parachute sea anchor and its para-ring technology, including the accessory components of rode, bow shackle, and a snap shackle that were all towed behind a crew tugboat. The Fiorentino parachute sea anchor proved to perform above the 150% load test as required by the United Space Alliance Statement of Work Description (SOWD). The 150% load test was stipulated as 330 pounds force. Report written by Zack Smith (Fiorentino), edited by Wulf Eckfoth (United Space Alliance). For information on specialty projects
contact info@para-anchor.com 

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Steve Dashew Drag Test Log

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Technical Shark Drogue Manual


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