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Counterfeit Products
Please notify Fiorentino if someone is selling counterfeit product. When we use the term counterfeit products we are referring to those products which are fakes or copies of Fiorentino's products. There is always the possibility that your use of a counterfeit product can damage your property or cause personal injury. In addition, counterfeit products may not contain the safety measures and quality standards that a genuine Fiorentino product contains.

It is a criminal offense to deal in counterfeit goods and an offender can be sentenced to imprisonment or ordered to pay fines. In addition, an offender can be sued for compensation by Fiorentino in civil proceedings. In order to protect the consumer Fiorentino is taking legal measures such as trademark design and patent registration of their logos, products and technology. In addition, Fiorentino is registering with the customs offices of countries to permit customs to seize counterfeit goods.

We believe the following manufacturers are in violation of selling FIORENTINO'S patented technology (Australia patent #2001290901 and New Zealand patent #525,030) and have filed a civil complaint against them:

Para-Anchors Australia, AU
W.A. Coppins, NZ

Update: So far, paperwork provided by the overseas suppliers are laughable to say the least. Response time from these two suppliers are very slow.

We believe the companies listed below are using Fiorentino's registered photographs to sell another manufacturer's product. We have filed a criminal complaint with U.S. Customs:

New Boat Supplies, FL

Misquotes or Improper Citation
Most nautical writers in our industry work diligently to follow the appropriate code of ethics. Once in a great while you
might read something that contradicts our research efforts, website content, educational videos or one of our articles. Next year we will attempt to post some of these
misquotes that seem to come up in conversation at our boats shows
or seminars. As always, we thank you for keeping us posted with your valuable input and many suggestions.   

Authors & Reporters 
We welcome discussion, critique, and testing of our products by third parties. The boating community benefits from
open and ethical exchange of research data and real-life experiences with safety gear. If you are interested in testing
or writing about our products, please contact us so that we may assist you with accurate data and information. If you rely on information from this website, including our videos or articles for your work, we ask that you cite our work appropriately according to the code of ethics published by the Society of Professional Journalists.

sing the written words of another person or organization without citing that source is plagiarism—a form of theft
that is subject to civil litigation. Please understand that misquoted data, ommission about Fiorentino's well published brand name products or research efforts may unethically rob the boating community from accurate and valuable information.

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