Fiorentino Multihull Deployment & Retrieval   
Operating Instructions developed for Fiorentino Para-Ring Anchors

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Fiorentino Basic Deployment

A sailor practices deploying a para-anchor for the first time as Zack shoots video and provides verbal instruction. The sailor chose to use a bridle setup that can be adjusted from the cockpit area of his boat. This is only one of many ways to attach a bridle setup to a multihull.

Fiorentino' Basic Retrieval

Zack assists Melinda McCoy & George Sallay as they practice retrieving their Fiorentino PARA-RING Anchor for the first time.
This efficient, simple retrieval and packing process is unique
to the Para-Ring anchor and not found in other brands.

The Complete
Para-Anchor Set-Up By Zack Smith  

Let this DVD show you how to rig a parachute sea anchor!

The Complete Para-Anchor Set-Up is a must for any boater who ventures offshore. This superb video gives boaters essential information about para-anchors: how to connect para-anchors on a variety of boats, the differences between low and high impact para-anchors, simple bridle and rode formulas, and suggestions for hand signals for communication in noisy wind conditions.

The Complete Para-Anchor Set-Up uses both underwater and aerial footage — some shot in storm-force winds — to demonstrate how para-anchors work, and provides valuable instruction that books cannot — and no other video does!

The easily-understood instructions show techniques for setting up trip lines, chafe gear and sail trim, using footage of live demonstrations. Zack Smith, a noted para-anchor designer, shares his easy-to-follow formulas for calculating correct bridle and rode lengths that help sailors avoid common rigging mistakes.

After one viewing, you’ll be ready to set up a safe and effective para-anchor aboard your own boat. Call (800) 777-0732 or visit an authorized bookstore or marine store in your area. The DVD is priced at $29.95.

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