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Seattle Boat Show

Fiorentino Booth # 2404
nuary 27 - February 4, 2017
Exhibition Center

Phone:  206-634-0911
Miami International Boat Show Miami International Boat Show
Fiorentino Booth #  1304 A
February 12-16, 2015
Miami Strictly Sail 
Center Phone:  305-531-8410

Pacific Sail Expo Boat Show
Fiorentino Booth # 
April 6-9, 2017
Jack London Square
Phone:  401-841-0900

United States Sailboat Show
Fiorentino Booth # C 46 & 48
October 6-10, 2016
Phone:  410-268-8828

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Fiorentino Boat Show & Seminar Schedule
Crossing With Oar Power

Articles: (Plus excerpts, & press releases)

Drag Tests Conducted with U.S. Alliance

On-The-Water Training  Videos

Drag Tests Conducted Aboard Wind Horse

What A Drag....Failed Series Drogue Test

Unsinkable Life Raft Tested in Rough Waters with Fiorentino Para Anchor

Knowing How to Use Your Para-Anchor Can
Save Your Life

More on Storm Tactics--Balance, Comfort

One More Round on The Drag Device Issue

Stationary or Moving While Hove-To

Storm Tactics Debate

First Educational Video For Para-Anchor

"The Para-Anchor Advantage"

Heaving-to: Safety Valve at Sea

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