Specialty Projects

Custom or modified drag equipment available for private, corporate or government projects. Some past projects include seinars, large vessels, mega yachts & Coast Guard cutters.

Fiorentino’s award-winning staff of diversified and highly-skilled drag device developers and designers can assist you with all your custom drag device needs from small projects to highly complex ones. From consulting to designing, developing and managing projects, Fiorentino offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Our professional staff has a wide range of expertise gained during our own sea trials and work with NASA, BP, Coast Guard and other corporate, government and private clients.

We can manage your entire project, coordinate work with your engineering project manager or work as a consultant.  We are experts at finding solutions to problems and back up our work with technical reports and other supporting data as needed. Our goal is to increase the success rate of your project and help you complete the project in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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Awards & Patents:


In 2009, Fiorentino and drag device designer Zack Smith received a “Group Achievement Award” from NASA in recognition of their work in providing exclusive technical reports and consultation for the Orion Spacecraft Recovery Project. Fiorentino and Smith provided NASA with pioneering research data on drag device behavior that had never been published before. The award recognized them for providing “critical early knowledge on how the capsule will behave in the ocean” that would help in the rescue and recovery of astronauts.


From the mid-1990’s, Fiorentino’s pioneering studies on drag
device behavior has lead to an industry record of 14 patents.
Utility patents awarded to Fiorentino demonstrate the substantial gains in technology our team has made toward the performance and safety of para-anchors and storm drogues.

Boat Specifications.
Plese submit boat specifications and include the intended use so we can properly modify the parachute anchor or its ejection system to fit large vessels or your specific project needs.

Fiorentino is accustomed to working on classified projects, so all information you submit is kept confidential. We will never sell or trade our information to any other entity. Need fast assistance? Call us during normal business hours: Mon-FRI 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. 949-631-2336

Sample Specialty Project  


Fiorentino was commissioned to develop a "Fast Release
Para-Ring Set-Up" for this marine rescue vehicle launched
by air. Fiorentino anchors passed every test for this project.

"The sea anchors that come with most liferafts
are notoriously flimsy and inadequate. The Pudgy
uses a substantial and ruggedly-built Fiorentino
para-anchor, made especially for the Portland Pudgy."

--David Hulbert, engineer and
president of Pudgy, Inc.

Sample projects

The following projects are a few samples of the development efforts completed by Fiorentino.Current and past project reports and proprietary sea trial reports available to legitimate organizations. Fiorentino's extensive sea trials are conducted and verified through independent third-party naval engineers, government agencies, or governement certification.


Fiorentino's Shark Drogue and Para-Ring Anchors are the only drag devices selected to undergo extensive testing for NASA'S Orion spacecraft recovery system


"During the course of testing, it was repeatedly proven that the (Fiorentino) sea anchor was necessary for the success of the recovery. First by deploying the (Fiorentino) sea anchor, the capsule drift speed was seen to be reduced by one half. Second, the capsule tendency to continually yaw was greatly reduced. This stabilization proved to be helpful to the recovery forces when deploying the floatation collar."
NASA - Spacep


FIORENTINO'S drag devices were tested at the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare System Center for their ability to position and hold anti-terrorist sea barriers. Anti-terrorist barriers stop explosive laden boats from reaching an anchored vessel.It works like this, a boat hits the rope fence at 50 mph which causes the fence to wrap around the boat. Force generated by the crash releases the encapsulated FIORENTINO parachutes, stopping the boat immediately. Amount of force generated from the crash can easily place 50,000 lbs on the para-anchor. FIORENTINO'S (modified)  PARA-RING-anchors passed every test successfully.In this Video, drag device designer, Zack Smith leads the scuba team connecting the load cell to the six Fiorentino Para-Anchors positioned underwater. Load cells measure the amount of force placed on equipment. This once "classified video" is now released for the first time with special permission by the inventor.


Fiorentino offers extensive experience in supplying oil companies with custom built drag devices. In 2010, Fiorentino assisted the BP oil clean up effort in the Gulf of Mexico by outfitting fleets with modified Fiorentino Anchors and Shark Drogues.The equipment was designed specifically to slow down vessels and to aid in the deployment of oil booms.


Fiorentino was commisioned by the Navy Undersea
Warfare Center to design a specialized drag system
for deep undersea deployment.

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