Fiorentino Life Raft & Dinghy Anchors

All Fiorentino parachute anchors are world recognized for their rugged construction and Para-Ring Technology. This patented process prevents parachute canopies from inverting, tangling or breaking in heavy seas. Custom features store rope inside the parachute to save on storage space. Designed specifically to fit inside emergency ditch bags. Fiorentino life raft anchors are now the required brand name for many sailing events. Excellent for Dinghies too. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Original innovative design. 

Outfits The Portland Pudgy Life Raft /Dinghy

"The sea anchors that come with most liferafts are notoriously flimsy and inadequate. The Pudgy uses a substantial and ruggedly-built Fiorentino para-anchor, made especially for the Portland Pudgy. The para- anchor attaches to the Pudgys rugged bridle, which in turn is hooked to two attachment points that are spaced on either side of the bow, for triangulation. The stainless steel attachment points are very solid and cannot tear off (as is possible on fabric liferafts, in which case they can rupture the raft). A Dutch crew from the magazine Zeilen tested the Portland Pudgy as a lifeboat last year in the treacherous waters of the North Sea (sailing it 20 miles to shore), and they make it a point in their article to talk about how pleased they were with the performance of the Pudgy with the Fiorentino para anchor. The bow held firmly into the oncoming waves and wind, thus greatly reducing the risk of capsize."

--David Hulbert, engineer and
president of Pudgy, Inc.

Life Raft & Dinghy Anchors Include:
  Rugged materials, Internationally patented Para-Ring, Seachute Battens
, Commercial float, 9-ounce canopy fabric, 100-foot anchor line, Fiorentino stainless snap hook design. Specialty Order. Phone:  949-631-2336 Mon - Friday 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

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