removable chafe guards

The ONLY removable chafe guard reinforced  with 1/4" Marine Fome

by Fiorentino

For a "worse case" storm scenario, choose flexible LineRap™ removable chafe guards. Originally designed
to fit over dock or mooring lines during storm conditions, LineRap™ is also excellent for your ground anchor rope or chain. Rugged chafe protection for
cleats, hull, bit, chock, push cables, dock lines, mooring lines etc...

The 12-inch long chafe guard features a -inch flat Velcro easy-to-remove closure that wraps tightly around the line and won't ride up. Designed with a solid fixed or sliding option. LineRap is simple to use because there are no impossible set-up positions. Unlike other chafe gear, the LineRap sleeves won't bind up or gather in one place.

LineRap's special inside core is beefed-up to reinforce the outer shell so that it can absorb massive shock loads from excessive rode strain, protecting your boat. The outer shell is made from our exclusive Sun Protector™ fabric, the strongest fabric available. Sun Protector™ fabric is U.V.-, salt water-, chemical-, rot- and mildew-resistant. The inside core is made from a -inch open-cell Marine Fome that is rot- and mildew-resistant. Guaranteed not to rip. Sold in pairs. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Fiorentino.

Note:  For larger chafe guards see RodeRap
™. RodeRaps™ are offered in custom diameters and lengths since they are typically purchased to protect dock lines from damaging hurcaine winds.

LineRap™ Size Chart & Price:

  Model #    For Rode    Ship Wt.    Price Length         
LRP-SM Up to 1" 0.5 lb. $49.99 16"


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