Fiorentino "Deployment Rode"
Tested and developed by Fiorentino for deploying out
 the Para-Ring Anchor and Shark Drogue


Rigging Options:

Safety Whipping $32.00
Fiorentino's commercial rigging method is considered superior by independent experts, because it can’t come apart. Our own master rigger meticulously hand serves
15 feet of nylon over the vulnerable, unprotected splice.
This time-consuming process protects the splice against chafe and snags during heavy weather deployment or commercial use.  

StormRap™ Protection:  $40
Fiorentino's exclusive factory process tightens nylon rode
to prevent chafe. Spliced rode is shrunk wrapped into
the eye of the thimble to help insure the tightest possible
fit. Soft rode eyes never part, creating a safer, tighter fit. Recommended for heavy weather deployment or
commercial use.
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Perfect for boaters who desire a separate para-anchor line
from their ground anchor. Fiorentino’s double braid deployment rode is specifically designed with a Dacron sleeve over a nylon core. Dacron, a superior material for chafe protection, enables the protected nylon core to maintain its original tensile strength and much needed shock absorbency far longer than unprotected ropes. The Dacron/ nylon mix also is resistant to twisting and heat generation during load and unload cycles. Fiorentino Deployment Rode is constructed from Type 6-6 yarn U.S. Military Specification MIL-R-24050-D.  Includes high-quality served stainless steel thimble and a heavy duty stainless shackle. 15' Safety Whipping and StormRap™ Protection included FREE when placing a minimum order of 300'. 
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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Fiorentino's Deployment Rode

Diameter   Tensile Strength (lbs.)   Model #     Ship Wt per pound Price per ft.
1/2" 10,500 AR-12 6.4 lbs. $1.40
5/8" 16,000 AR-58 9.4 lbs. $1.75
3/4" 25,000 AR-34 15 lbs. $2.35
7/8" 32,000 AR-78 22 lbs. $3.50
1" 49,000 AR-1 26 lbs. $3.80
1 1/8" 50,000 AR-118 34 lbs. $4.45
1 1/4" 54,000 AR-114 40 lbs. $5.12


Additional Rode Splicing with Thimble
Prices:  Additional Rode Splicing With Thimble
Diameter Model # Price
1/2" TH-12 $16.00
5/8" TH-58 $22.00
3/4" TH-34 $27.00
7/8" TH-78 $36.00
1" TH-1 $52.00
1 1/8" TH-118 $72.00
1 1/4" TH-114. $74.00


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