Original Fiorentino Trip Line -
Develolped for Practical, Easy Grip Control During Real-Life Use 


Unlike other retrieval lines, Fiorentino Trip Lines are dependable
and reliable. That means no one has ever broken or lost one.

thick 1/2" Trip Line can easily pull in a defl
parachute anchor quickly without any hassle. Strong and durable,
made of high-tensile materials, just pull the float line and the chute
closes like an umbrella as the anchor rises from the depths. The
chute empties with virtually no resistance. Stowing is easy with the Fiorentino FAST-PAK® stowage bag. Highly recommended for
all parachute sea anchors.

Special Features Include:
1/2" Durable
Polypropylene Lin
e, Custom Size Support
 Float, Patented Nylon Splice, 1/2" Vulcanized
Chafe Guard, Patented Hand Release Lever
(so you can attach any  boat fender or retrieval
 float to the end of your trip line). 

Fiorentino Trip Line Price

Rode Dia. Model # Ship Wt.    

1/2" FPATL-50 4 lbs. $117
1/2" FPATL-100 5 lbs. $144
1/2” FPATL-200 10 lbs. $195






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