About Zack Smith

Zack Smith, a life-long sailor has spent most his adult life researching how parachute sea anchors and storm drogues behave in changing sea conditions. A well known inventor of underwater drag devices, Zack is the author of a groundbreaking series of technical reports, manuals and video instruction on the effective use of parachute sea anchors and storm drogues His research lead him to an industry first—his “Constant Rode Tension Theory,” which states that “keeping the rode taut is the big secret to successful use of parachute sea anchors and drogues.” In 2009 Zack was given a team achievement award from NASA for providing never-before-published technical reports and counsel to the agency during drogue and sea anchor tests related to space capsule recovery.

Zack Smith Seminars: Parachute Sea Anchors & Storm Drogues

After completing a 15-year study, including sea trials, of parachute sea anchors & storm drogues, drag device inventor Zack Smith has developed a new and unique set of operational guidelines for enhancing the performance of these vital pieces of life-saving equipment. Zack will discuss his specific usage formulas for a wide range of boats, including sailboats, trawlers, monohulls and multihull vessels. Seminar also provides comparisons of a wide range of drag devices manufactured around the world. Click here for seminar dates



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